Job Seekers

TCA Consulting Group Inc, wants to help you find a position that you love.
Each person we work with is very important to us.  We want to help you find an opportunity that you enjoy and excel in.
Contact one of our recruiters and submit your resume and you will be on your way to finding a position that is a great match for you and your skills.
We will walk through your resume with you and help you you to improve it if you like.  Your resume is a powerful tool that will help you advance your career.  We take them very seriously.
We will e-mail positions to you that we feel are a good match and keep an eye on the hot jobs section on our website.  Let us know which ones you wanted to be submitted to and we will get your resume right to the client.
We will help coach you through the interview process and stay by your side when the offer is made and through the entire time you work with us.

We are your advocate.

We help you through all issues and make sure all is going well. 

We are happy when you are happy!

We look forward to working with you!! 


Gayle is a wonderful to work with. She seems to have this uncanny ability to match consultants with job openings with ease. She is very reliable as is her team at TCA, particularly Peter Rolfe. Very personable ,friendly, and of exceptional integrity. This makes working and dealing with her and her team, all the more a pleasure.

I would recommend Gayle and TCA anytime and to anyone

Integrity is a primary element of staffing professionalism and its hallmark. Without integrity, the profession loses the trust of those it serves. A lack of trust ultimately threatens the profession’s ability to add business value and find exceptional consultants to its clients. In other words, a lack or perceived lack of integrity can have a devastating effect on the staffing profession, and its relationships with clients as well as consultants. Without a doubt, Gayle’s integrity is the highest of the staffing vendors I have ever worked with.

Gayle is an excellent team player. She has professional business communication skills. She is very responsible for any committments made. A great team member for any team.