Stu Laribee

While at Anthem/Wellpoint I used TCA for consulting needs in an actuarial reporting area. Dealing with Gayle to fill our needs was an absolute positive experience. I had dealt with many consulting companies in the past, both big names like Accenture and NCR as well as smaller firms. Gayle’s professionalism and attention to detail (our specific needs) were unprecedented. The folks we used from TCA were great and fit the role perfectly. Gayle made it a point to check in with me regularly to assure we were pleased with the work. I never felt pressure from Gayle to hire folks from TCA. Other vendors seem to continually call trying to get business. Gayle was a delight to deal with she would stop by to talk BUT never pushed her services on us. I truly appreciated that. I have since retired but can genuinely say that my experience with TCA and especially Gayle were outstanding.